Between the flowing Delaware and the mighty Hudson rivers lies the Garden State of New Jersey. A place where agriculture flourishes, safe neighborhoods abound, blue ribbon schools and world class universities bring enlightenment, and exciting cities are being reborn.

At the center of it all lies the hub of transportation, commerce, pharma and technology that is the Brunswicks. New Brunswick – home of Rutgers, the State University and Johnson & Johnson. East, North and South Brunswick with their leafy streets and outstanding school systems. A great place to raise a family or grow a business.

Located on the border of Milltown and East Brunswick, at the heart of this state, is Winding River Realty. Just as a river is ever flowing, symbolizing a transition from one place to another, so does Winding River Realty manage our client’s transitions in their homes or business locations. Our agents have a combined 95 year’s experience in real estate transactions, and deep roots to the communities we serve. They have grown up in these neighborhoods, graduated from the schools, and raised their families here.

Call us to take advantage of all that New Jersey has to offer.